A. Psychrometry

  1. Type A Configuration        TYPE A

B. Ductwork Design

  1. Equal Friction Method
  2. Rectangular Duct Sizing
  3. Round Duct Sizing

C. Load Calculation

  1. CLTD Method 
  2. Transfer Function Method
  3. RTS Method
  4. Moisture Load Calculation

D. Industrial Ventilation

  1. Chemical Dilution Ventilation
  2. Pollutants Concentration Compliance
  3. Exhaust Friction Loss

E. Pressurization and Smoke Control

  1. Building Pressurization
  2. Stairwell Pressurization
  3. Smoke Ventilation

F. Heat Transfer

  1. Transient Room Temperature
  2. Building Slab Condensation
  3. 2D & 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer