Engineering Articles

These articles were the beginning before JL Engineering existed. At the time there was the need to provide solutions to engineering problems using computers, but few knew how to make your own mathematical algorithms into practical engineering solutions using a computer. Programs were first developed in an 8086 Personal Computer using TurboBasic. Comparisons to other solutions were made to show validity and finally put to practice for many years. Checking the values in your solutions is as important as entering the correct data. Today, the speed of computers allows you to enter data and later revise its correctness. Back then, it was very important! Not only the data was inputted manually in a card typewriter that the computer would later read before running it, some of the most complicated computer programs I witnessed, took days to run in a PC. Programs were not as forgiving, and an error in your data or a revision in the data meant many days of wait for the solution.

  1. A Computer Algorithm for Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations. © 1997 Jorge R. Lopez
  2. The Numerical Psychrometric Analysis. © 1998 Jorge R. Lopez
  3. Aerial Power Cables Profile, Sag and Tension Calculations. © 2005 Jorge R. Lopez & Jose A. Lopez